We Understand Clients' Demands and Desires

People make a company succeed or fail. The right people take a company from good to great. In today's economy, hiring the right candidate has never been more important.

Recruiting the right people is every company's goal, but often hiring a new employee is not given the attention it deserves. The best job seekers, regardless of industry, title and function, don't hang out on the job boards or apply to online postings because many of the best companies stopped posting open jobs years ago. Also, most passive working candidates (the candidates most companies want) are not checking job boards and internet sites on a regular basis; they have a job and are already successful.

When recruiting a new employee, everyone talks about the "right fit," but what is the right fit? What does that really mean? Fit is more than a candidate who meets the job specifications. Fit is about a person, an individual, who can do the job and flourish in a company's corporate culture.

To find the right fit, a recruiter has to understand a client's corporate culture; they have to spend time understanding how a company works and views itself. The recruiter has to assess all the candidates thoroughly and ensure that candidates not only have the job description requirements but also possess the soft skills needed to fit in.

Using an outside recruiter is a difficult decision, and we understand a company's desire to find someone by your own means if they can. Today everyone is concerned with expenses, and while it is laudable to focus on containing expenses, the cost of hiring the wrong person is significant, and finding the right person is paramount for long-term success.

To find the right candidate, the Superstar candidate, you need a recruiting partner who is committed to doing the networking and hard work needed to find the best candidates available. We provide such candidates for SpenceCo Clients.

Who has the time to deal with rookie recruiters or agencies without a demonstrated track record? To get the Superstar candidates, you need a specialist. You need SpenceCo.

Please contact Bruce at +1 (604) 980-9592 or [email protected] to find out how SpenceCo can help you find your next sales Superstar.

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